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  1. frank
    28.03.2014 @ 19:32

    Wonderful pictures Mistress.

  2. horstie fm
    28.03.2014 @ 23:13

    Thank You, Lady Ezada,
    Your slave will look to Your marvellous fingers to understand the order to be ready for inspection. Your gesture is obvious and it seems easy to follow. But what does he have to do with his eyes in the position of tension? May he look up to Your commanding eyes which subjugate him? Or is this not allowed and he has to concentrate only on Your lovely fingers?

  3. tomas
    29.03.2014 @ 03:19

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, you looks gorgeous in that black and white dress. Amazing how much female power it can be in just one picture. You seem to look right true your slave, looks deep into their soul and noing what your slave needs… mmm so much love from a fan

  4. Ezada
    29.03.2014 @ 16:33

    @horstie – he is looking forward. he is not looking at Me. he must be straight – his shoulders are pull back. he is ready to be inspected and he is proud to be inspected by Me. That’s it.

  5. christoph
    01.04.2014 @ 09:16

    Dear Lady Ezada,
    there is so much grandeur, style and elegance in your gestures. I am a real fan of yours and hopefully have soon the chance to ask for the honor of a private meeting with you.

  6. sqweegel
    01.04.2014 @ 22:17

    You state that slave should be at least stripped to the waist. If he is still clothed, should he kneel straight away, or undress first?

    Thank You again for these wonderful lessons!

  7. Ezada
    01.04.2014 @ 22:21

    First kneel, then undress. But most of the time when I give the command the slave is already naked – the way he usually is kept in My presence.

  8. Peterkees
    10.07.2015 @ 19:58

    Your remale Power is wunderful. I desire to be your slave.

  9. jay
    22.05.2016 @ 05:49

    Great post, especially how the whole body should speak of being ready.

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