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  1. horstie fm
    07.04.2014 @ 16:16

    Your really gracefully ceremony of collaring is a grand act of nobilitation for Your slave, it’s the symbol of his crossover to his bondage. he is honored to be YOUR slave, YOUR property. he is proud to be a mere prolongation of YOUR strong will. he will cherish great expectations of servitude and humiliations

  2. LostTexas
    08.05.2014 @ 05:37

    All due respect I think you meant frission not friction.
    Regardless you are one sexy lady and I am enjoying reading your blog.


  3. Fred torbett
    10.08.2014 @ 03:28

    Will u please make me your loyal personal slave take onership of me transform me into your new creation change how I look to make u laugh tattoo my face precings hair do lips eye brows your work of art for your interrainment I willl turn everything I own over to u house cars bank accounts land business u can keep me I’n a cage like a complete idiot and I will worship u pray to u please rake ownership of me ok

  4. Sagar
    11.08.2014 @ 19:56

    Goddess EZADA SINN and My Mistress,
    Beg you obediently kneeling on my knees placing my head on the photograph of your Devine feet, to please accept me to be your TOILET-SLAVE and give me BOON of eating Your SHITT all my life. I shall be most submissive, devoted slave to serve you at your command, the way you rule me make me a cuckold, humiliate and torture me to your pleasure and fun please use me as your Toilet commode Deny me orgasm in totality keeping chastity cage to my tiny little cock. Let me worship your Devine feet

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