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  1. horstie fm
    04.03.2015 @ 22:59

    i appreciate Your wise understanding of Female supremacy. It’s always a privilege to serve You, the Supreme Being in our life. You compound Female domination and decisive superiority with ravishing beauty and infinite wisdom. It must give pleasure to serve humbly such an outstanding personality

  2. stoney
    04.03.2015 @ 23:44

    Goddess Ezada is a beacon of intensely genuine Female superiority. we as inferiors, are drawn to the very essence of Femdom that You embody. To serve Goddess, in the manner these two devotees in Thailand did, is something Your servants long to do and will strive to do for many future days to come.

  3. brett
    05.03.2015 @ 05:48

    Thanks for the lesson Doamna.

  4. tomas
    08.03.2015 @ 08:01

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, thanks for sharing Your wonderful time in Thailand.

  5. Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho
    12.03.2015 @ 12:26

    Mistress Ezada Sinn:

    Thank YOU very much for interesting, useful and superior teaching about servitude towards YOU . It was very useful to me to learn what i have to do to please YOU.

    Paulo Camacho

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