About being served

People often ask Me about the moments when I most enjoy My supremacy as a dominant woman. They then expect that I will talk about a severe whipping session or about getting my high heeled leather boots licked in public or other stuff of that kind. These are great moments of course that I do not want to miss for all the money in the world, but to tell You the true: Sometimes there are much simpler incidents that make Me feel so comfortable and pleased. And quite often these are moments when I experience the unconditioned, lavish, unselfish service of My slaves and devotees.
Just as I did during My recent wonderful Thailand journey. Two devotees there, oh how very well they pleased Me: One of those useful creatures bought Me a local sim card for My phone. So, upon check in at the hotel lobby, My brand new sim card waited there for Me in an envelope (richly topped up, ready for use of course). Being familiar with the region he also gave Me lots of tips about what to see, where to stay, how to travel etc. he made himself very useful and what greater compliment, what greater reward also for the devotee could there be than to make himself useful for the Mistress?.I then handed all these details over to My personal slave who had the privilege to accompany Me in Thailand. I don’t like to spend to much time finding My way. So generally I only tell him I want to go from there to there – go and find the best method to do so. And then he does. So simple. Just as the devotee finds his assingnment in serving Me for special occassions or in special projects a personal slave will have to devote his life completely to My service.

Another useful devotee on that journey was My driver from Phuket to Khao Lak. Well before time he stood there in front of the hotel, next to his immaculate car, nervously twisting his cap in his hands. Not a luxury limousine, but the guy must have spent a whole day on polishing it for the occasion. Eagerly he opened the door for Me (I am always sitting in the back), then stowed all My heavy luggage in the trunk while I refreshed Myself with some cold water and browsed in My favourite magazine that he both had prepared for Me in the back of his aged sedan. Oh, you should have seen the look of sheer bliss and pride on his face when W/we then drove off and he cautiously transported his precious load through bustling Phuket traffic.
As you see, these are not very difficult jobs but the simple fact that those nameless guys offer their service when I need it without asking for anything in return makes Me appreciate it. There was no SM play or anything like that offered or asked for in return. For an outsider it would not even have been recognizable as a Femdom event, yet it was: Being a devotee is not at all about what they show you on youporn. The male offering his service to the supreme Female: This is the true essence of Femdom, not jerking your cock while stearing at a leather clad woman playing around with a whip. And these two devotees in Thailand had perfectly understood.
February 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand
February 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand