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  1. James
    03.03.2015 @ 12:44

    I would like to be considered to serving you for 12hours (11 or 12 possibly both) in a domestic environment. I’m fairly attractive which is of little importance I’m sure but what I lack in in importance I wish to make up for in servitude.

  2. Ezada
    03.03.2015 @ 13:09

    Use the contact form to contact Me.

  3. Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho
    05.03.2015 @ 11:44

    Mistress Ezada Sinn:

    How will YOU do for a slave who wants to serve YOU but it is from a far country, like me that i am from Portugal, but i don’t mind to go to any place/country just to serve YOU Mistress Ezada Sinn. How can i do just to serve YOU Mistress Ezada Sinn?

  4. Ezada
    05.03.2015 @ 19:54

    3 of My personal slaves are not from Romania. They travel to meet Me, sometimes I travel to see them or we meet during week-end breaks somewhere in Europe. Distances are not so important nowadays.

  5. paolo
    05.03.2015 @ 20:37

    Dear Mistress Ezada,
    i will be in London between 12 (afternon) and 13 ( till night) of march. i just purchased a flight ticket from Italy to serve you in a session for 1 hour. i hope you can find 1 hour for me to be your slave whithin these two days. i tried to send a £50 gift for you independent of your decision but i have got some problem (the button is programmed for 5 US$ only and it seems not possible to change the amount). please give me instructions about what to do. looking forward to have a chance to see you in London.

    Paolo (Italy)

  6. Ezada
    05.03.2015 @ 21:18

    Problem with deposit button solved.

  7. frank
    07.03.2015 @ 00:29

    Is that possibility to serve You on the 10th or 11th in a domestic environment near Marble Arch still open Mistress?

  8. Ezada
    07.03.2015 @ 21:34

    Obviously, that spot was filled in quickly.

  9. Hafeez Ahmad
    13.03.2015 @ 20:53

    Hi Mistress Ezada,

    How are you doing goddess? Mistress Ezada My name Is H** A** and I am 30 years
    Old and I have 10 years experience for serving mistress.

    My favourite fetish Is foot worship and face slapping

    Mistress I really want to serve you on Sunday 16th March 2015 at 2pm for 1 hour

    Mistress Ezada, How do I deposit you? And how do I contact you? I fill in the contact form on your web site
    And attach my pictures and I did not heard from you.

    Please let me know goddess.

    Kind Regards

    Slave Hafeez down on my knees

  10. Zain
    18.03.2015 @ 11:47

    Mistress ezada is so senstive so any slave dont disturbed mistress ezada .many many kisses mistress in your soft nice feet and ass

  11. Zain
    18.03.2015 @ 11:49

    Queen of the queen mistress ezada world great mistress we all are slave mistress ezada pet and his high heel shoes dust

  12. Sam
    10.03.2017 @ 09:48

    Hello misress ezada queen you are so cute lady in the world many kisses in your feet so yummy your feet

  13. Nahom Tamirat
    17.05.2017 @ 22:40

    plzzzzzzzzzzz Divine Queen Ensave Me Dominate Me Please

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