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  1. stoney
    16.11.2015 @ 01:20

    Goddess, beautifully communicated by Your slave “licker len”

  2. adonis
    18.11.2015 @ 02:39

    hello mistress ezada I was reading your triggers devotion I was nerves what u had said bout your yogrt in the dog bowl n the guy had to jack off.. why do u have your slave to jack off for you????I was thing how hard do fuck your slave with a strapon ….

  3. Ezada
    19.11.2015 @ 12:21

    My slaves are in chastity (mental or physical). Allowing them to have a release, but only under the stimuli that I want to set as a trigger, will enforce the association trigger=pleasure. It is basic conditioning.

  4. hengda yang
    19.11.2015 @ 17:26

    Thank you, dear Goddess Ezada. Thank You for sending me regularly information about You and Your so beautiful photos. Now i have thousands of Your photos. i worship You before Your photos every day. i am eager to worship You in person. i still hope You will come to China this winter as You told me at the beginning of this year. i will take care of everything. You just tell me from when to when You would like to visit China, then i will arrange Your whole journey. i beg You to grant me a great favor so that i can serve You in person. With best wishes! Your humble slave Hengda

  5. Sagar slave
    25.11.2015 @ 11:39

    I want to be a Toilet Slave of my Goddess Ezada, serve her with utmost devotion and dedication kneeling before her sacred feet worship her holy feet all my life obey the commands of my Goddess, beg my Goddess to grant me her most sacred and holy SHITT, my feed to satiate my hunger . Submitt and surrender body and mind to the feet of Goddess Ezada for torture, pain and total humiliation for the joy and fun of my Devine Goddess Ezada. Await for periodical milking of my chastisized tiny little dick till dry. and strap on fucking of my Ass and mouth. I await to e used as cuckold and sissy boy. Always be whipped and thrashed at the will of my Giddess EZADA

  6. Slave Sagar
    16.12.2015 @ 13:23

    My Goddess I am always your Toilet Slave and beg you to grant me your Holy and most Sacred SHITT to eat my belly full

  7. jay
    22.05.2016 @ 05:17

    An amazing way to train, i’m envious of this. The pics are wonderful too

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