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  1. Chris
    11.05.2015 @ 00:48

    What a nice oath of lifelong belief and submission to Your Divinity and Greatness .
    You are the One ,the Queen and the true living Goddess .
    eu cred în Tine .

  2. Billy
    15.05.2015 @ 02:26

    What an absolute amazing photo! Too much!

  3. Billy
    15.05.2015 @ 10:18

    A very wonderful photo of a supreme Queen.

  4. tomas
    18.05.2015 @ 23:52

    Yes Mistress Ezada. I will give my love and surrender

  5. James
    20.05.2015 @ 19:08

    Beautifully written! Such a lovely ritual of submission!

  6. horstie fm
    25.05.2015 @ 13:48

    we enjoy our place under Your Female Supremacy. his oath shows the mental orientation of Your devotees, i’m glad cause it could hold true for me, too

  7. max the bl
    27.05.2015 @ 17:33

    Yes mistress- you are really adorable (the foto is great and you are a georgeous queen) and your boots should be ever treated as written. it is a pitty that i couldn t stay longer in this position (as shown above), because i came too early (because of you)
    in the double trouble production with madame c. hope i can serve your boots longer next time

  8. Zain
    30.05.2015 @ 08:56

    Mistress your piss is only on me am your piss owners i want i always drink your piss its my tasty juice

  9. luckymann
    04.08.2015 @ 00:41

    yes Mistress my submission is yours totally and forever…

  10. Wolfgang Sprung Jr.
    13.05.2017 @ 17:13

    I pray every day I meet a woman just like her who will make me her lifelong permanent slave, her property, kept in permanent chastity, whipped for training, discipline and for fun, collared, and never set free for what is a man’s purpose: To serve and obey. Escape would not be an option as I would never want to escape from such a superior woman. Even if I have a moment’s chance to flee, I would stay. I would beg her to keep me for life, there where a slave belongs.

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