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  1. MrLongBeach
    14.05.2015 @ 08:27

    Was his cock pierced with a Prince Albert and then locked into a titanium chastity device? Was his life to never have orgasm and only public milking with her girlfriends? Was there discussion of castration if he could not stop weeping tears of blue ball need?
    Or was his ass-hole turned into a sissy hole and used mutiple times a day? Was he to become a cock-sucking whore put on the street to make money for his Mistresses? Did they take him to the black neighborhood where his life was never the same?

  2. Ezada
    14.05.2015 @ 08:45


  3. horstie fm
    14.05.2015 @ 08:52

    Bravo, Purcelus, you are exemplary. All devotees should confess their submission to our Goddess Ezada Sinn publicly, they should love to experience Her Female domination in public

  4. Carl
    14.05.2015 @ 09:23

    This was a very nice story. I really liked the photos also.
    Mistress Ezada Sinn is the No.1

  5. momihun
    14.05.2015 @ 12:30

    Nice story, it was the perfect answer to the slave 😉

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