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  1. pink poodle
    29.08.2016 @ 10:43

    A wonderful blog Stapana mea, and what an intimate service for those You allow such an honour.

  2. TubbySubby
    29.08.2016 @ 17:04

    It’s very gratifying to read Goddess Ezada Sinn’s thoughts on Toilet Training and Hard Sports. For my entire life these activities were totally off-limits for me and I didn’t want to be associated with them in any way at all.
    However, since i discovered Goddess Ezada and started getting trained by Her, i can say that my feelings have changed on this somewhat controversial subject. i’m still not comfortable with the notion of a submissive or slave indiscriminately receiving this treatment from multiple Mistresses. Regardless of that, i have come to appreciate the incredible devotion and intensity which these activities can symbolize between a slave and it’s Owner. i am now starting to see these taboo acts as something to strive for and something that is incredibly intimate and beautiful which transpires between the Mistress and Her slave. The fact that Goddess Ezada has come to require this form of devotion and worship from some of Her slaves impresses me greatly. Her demand to be truly worshipped and be treated with absolute respect and humble and eager devotion is admirable and inspiring to me. She is the one person, the only person, i have ever encountered in my life that could inspire me to feel a very deep need and desire to experience full toilet training. That desire has nothing at all to do with feces or urine but is entirely based on the incredible need that She has created within me to submit to Her willingly and to worship Her totally without regard to my own needs and desires. i’m incredibly grateful to Goddess Ezada for leading me to a better more profound and authentic form of submission. One of the best ways i can demonstrate my gratitude to Her is to joyfully accept and desire the honor of becoming Her full toilet. Her pleasure is my only reward.

  3. Allen
    14.09.2016 @ 19:47

    Wonderful! Glad to see you change your mind about this .Thank You Goddess

  4. Frank Benard
    20.11.2016 @ 03:50

    You are really wonderful mistress, i dont know if you could use me as your toilet 24/7… I willing to do anything for you mistress even to lay down my life to be your toilet mistress.. Pls find it in your heart to send for me

  5. Tony
    10.01.2017 @ 12:35

    Dear Mistress Ezada, I’ve been in the U.K. for almost a month and leaving in 6 days So wish I had come across your website earlier because you are the most divine Goddess, stunningly beautiful and it would have been an honour to accept your gorgeous cavier and golden champagne. Just the thought of waste leaving your body and into my waiting month and severely punished if I do not perform to your liking, makes my cock twitch n throb with anticipation.
    Next time I come to the U.K. Would love to be toilet for the whole week making sure none of your divine gifts are wasted.
    If you ever make a trip to the west coast of the US please let me know..
    Your humbliest slave

  6. nuli
    13.01.2017 @ 02:18

    my dearest Goddess Ezada, i love Your champagne and caviar, it can prove my total devotion to You, my deepest love and worship for You and i treasure every drop of Your champagne and every bit of Your caviar. To be Your human toilet is one of my dearest dreams. Your humble nuli

  7. houshing sam
    29.01.2017 @ 22:01

    I love to be under u asshole and eat u shit

  8. jan lilleby
    13.02.2017 @ 03:30

    i would love to be your toilet and serve you all the time
    it would be an houner to serve as a total toilet for you mistress

  9. Dov Anatol
    31.05.2017 @ 18:14

    My dream is to be your human toilet Goddess. It would be an honor to serve you. I will eat with love your waste and lick clean what should be clean. Everything that will make You happy Goddess.

  10. MADHU
    08.07.2017 @ 17:48


  11. John Perks
    11.11.2017 @ 21:42

    I would also loveto your toilet slave mistress you desrve to have your waste used economically and have have your bottom cleaned by my tongue. Ladies should not have to suffer the indignation of having to use the toile for apiss or a shit it is the duty of a lower life slave like me

  12. Slave ray
    05.02.2018 @ 20:05

    It should be a honor for a slave to eat his royal mistress please her wishes it is so devine.remember is all about serving your mistress to the fullest.

  13. Sarry
    30.05.2018 @ 22:45

    Mistress I love to be u Scatslave and eat u shit can I have one photo off u beautiful asshole that I eat u product

  14. Sarry
    30.05.2018 @ 22:47

    I eat u shit

  15. Ezada
    03.07.2018 @ 09:34

    Don’t be crude!

  16. Randeer Askey
    18.12.2018 @ 20:57

    Love to be your human toilet mistress x

  17. Christina
    10.04.2019 @ 13:16


  18. Rick
    22.04.2019 @ 21:35

    i love to recive ur waste ..i love to eat ur tasty shit from your asshole goddess…your order all for me..please use me as your full.time toilet slave..i really want to eat ur divine shit your hot piss…all u give… i have born only to serve you me under ur feet .your ashole ..please

  19. brian dandridge
    08.10.2019 @ 18:34

    Dear Goddess Ezada,
    One of my fetishes is to be used by a Female Supremacist as Her fully trained shit and piss slave! I have only limited experience with this activity; ie, cleaning a soiled rectum and consuming several glasses of yellow urine,
    It is my fondest desire to have my mouth used in an act of submissive adoration and worship..

  20. Greg
    16.12.2019 @ 02:13

    Male slaves should be a Mistress full toilet slave automatically anyway.That is a hall mark of a true Female Master of male slaves.
    If you look at the Japanese Female Dominants,all there male slaves serve as toilets 24/7 365 days a year,many times serving 5 to 10 Dominant Women a day.
    Pig males are only worthy of being your toilets anyway,it makes them docile,more obedient and submissive.You whip or cane them severely,and they will beg you for more.He turns into your real pain slut slave when you use him as your full toilet 24/7.
    Donot forget to share your toilet with your lady friends,they will praise you for it and soon want one for themselves.
    This is how Women get rid of one pig male at a time on the planet.

  21. Simon
    05.01.2020 @ 20:52

    I would love to chew up your smelly brown shit & swallow the lot

  22. Jon
    18.09.2020 @ 09:24

    Can I become a toilet slave

  23. Jon
    12.02.2021 @ 06:52

    If I could locate a female who would allow me to be her personal toilet slave I promise to consume any and all of her waste and if she wanted to share me with friends that would be fine to she don’t have to be attractive I don’t care if she has a skinny white but with pimples on it and she smokes and curses all the time I’ll lick her sweaty but hole daily you can text me at 4783911706

  24. Mark Wendel
    26.03.2021 @ 20:03

    as a true male slave my mouth would be opened very wide to have your every turd slide between my lips and into my mouth . i would chew Your shit for a long time until Your order me to sallow Your shit and send it to my stomach where it belongs. Then You can make me wash Your shit down my throat with Your piss. I’m a full male toilet slave.. After i have drank Your piss and eaten Your shit You can show Your contempt for me by spiting all over my face.

  25. David
    22.08.2021 @ 04:04

    Mistress would be an honor to be your personal toilet every day or when ever You want to.

  26. Lady Becky
    10.09.2021 @ 04:07

    This article is very important for several reasons. It clarifies that toilet service is not a fulfillment of a slave’s fetish but rather an honor his Mistress bestows on him as she gives him a chance to prove his love and admiration of her. By offering him this chance, she tells him that she is happy with him and wants him to advance further. The effort he suffers and the pain he will feel during the training makes him a better man in general and a better slave in particular.
    The article is also important because it answers the question why many dominant women draw the line at toilet servitude and how they can clear up all their concerns about the practice. Talking to fellow dominant women who know it first hand and know how valuable and wonderful it is, is the best way to begin to feel comfortable about it and no longer deprive herself of a remarkably empowering femdom practice.

  27. John
    13.10.2021 @ 02:39

    I am ready to experience being a full toilet.

  28. Raju
    15.06.2022 @ 13:24

    Any mistress want toilet slave pls mail at

  29. Raju
    15.06.2022 @ 13:26

    Any interested female want a toilet slave pls mail at

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