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  1. Sean
    25.12.2015 @ 22:21

    Would love to suffer for you…You´re so sexy!! You could literally walk all over my body in those sexy needle thin stilettos…

    Would love to serve you like those lucky slaves…Doing anything to make your life easier and more comfortable while you relax….I live to serve superior women like you.

  2. Danny
    31.12.2015 @ 14:36

    Happy New Year

    Goddess, I am a VERY big fan of yours I love your work and hope that you continue to bless us with your artistry, I remember the first time I wrote you and I suggested you consider what I thought the correct monicker was to describe you “Goddess”…. Its very fitting. You are undeniably BEAUTIFUL! again I wish you all the best and may you continue being the deity that you are sunshine.

  3. hengda yang
    01.01.2016 @ 17:52

    Dear Supreme Goddess Ezada, today is the first day of 2016. my only dream for this year is to be in the personal service of You. i hope to serve You personally when You come to China. Or i will come to Germany to worship You personally and to be whip kissed by You. It will be my greatest happiness that i will never forget for whole my life. i wish You the greatest success in the year of 2016.

  4. Ezada
    01.01.2016 @ 22:18

    Happy new year under My control, My devotee!

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