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  1. pink poodle
    19.01.2018 @ 09:43

    Te iubesc Stapana mea

  2. Chastity
    20.01.2018 @ 10:35

    Dear pink poodle, before locking you up i assume Goddess Ezada Sinn ensured Herself She has all the keys so you have no extra key. This may be different for online chastity. One can clearly see in Goddess Ezada Sinn eyes hie comfortable and conficent She is with being a keyholdster. Therefore i wonder if She ever permits one of Her slaves a full orgasm, not being a ruined one.

    How many slaves are currently locked in chastity for Goddess Ezada Sinn?

    After 80 ruined ones chastity seemed like luxury, wow that is intense. Dear pink poodle, i honestly wish you all the luck with your constant frustration Goddess Ezada Sinn gives you. Although i know it will not change anything and i don’t want to be mean, i would juist like to sympathize with you how Goddess Ezada Sinn gives you all the frustration She likes for how long She likes and how She likes.

  3. Ezada
    20.01.2018 @ 12:58

    pink poodle has access to the spare key of his chastity when he is abroad. I know he will never masturbate without My permission and he knows I can ask for a proof picture at any moment, if I want to make sure he is securely locked.

  4. Chastity
    20.01.2018 @ 14:06

    Thank You for Your answer Goddess Ezada Sinn. How many slaves do You have in chastity currently? Would You like an extra procedure fir the spare key, for example s safe where you can set a numerical code from abroad? You are an amazing and powefull woman, person, lady and keyholdster Goddess Ezada Sinn, i sympathize with pink poodle.

  5. pink poodle
    20.01.2018 @ 16:59

    It all comes down to trust Stapana mea, i would never abuse that most important of values

  6. Ezada
    20.01.2018 @ 22:38

    I have methods to securely lock someone who lives far away. you can read more about it here:

  7. Chastity
    21.01.2018 @ 09:04

    No male creature could ever escape from chastity menyally or physically if Goddess Ezada Sinn is the Mistress.
    i deeply regret that i gave that impression. Would You please consider accepting my apologies Goddess Ezada Sinn?
    And pink noodle i fully understand that you would never abuse the trust of Stepana Mea.
    Goddess Ezada Sinn has a natural effect on men, once you know about Her a man could never again get full satisfaction from a full orgasm. Only one look at one of Her pictures and your frustration is back again. That is the natural effect Goddess Ezada Sinn has on men and there is nothing we can do about it.
    Dear pink noodle, i admire you being a save of Goddess Ezada Sinn.

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