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  1. Blake Foshee
    28.08.2019 @ 03:48

    I’m feeling submissive and extremely profound to serve a mistress bblublake

  2. Awe
    29.08.2019 @ 21:03

    La cerco in quanto Servo di Scipio
    Mi contatterà celermente – affronto serenamente l’attraversamento verso il mondo immaginario fantastico ed idealistico verso il mondo che lei sottoporrà alla ma visione e comando.


  3. subzero
    30.08.2019 @ 04:39

    Love your blog Mistress Ezada Sinn

  4. Gompie
    31.08.2019 @ 11:51

    Wie verlangt er niet gecastreerd te worden

  5. Sissyslut
    04.09.2019 @ 12:09

    Please may I starve as your toilet Mistress and in all ways

  6. Jay
    29.09.2019 @ 12:33

    Dear Mistress Ezada.
    Thank you for emailing me
    this final ruined orgasm before castration.
    May I please ask if you finally castrated
    your Slave?
    Did you enjoy castrating him
    for your pleasure and enjoyment?
    Would you consider castrating other males to emasculate them too?
    Thank you.

  7. Akhil
    02.10.2019 @ 20:12

    I want to be as a toilet slave how is it possible please

  8. Ammar
    18.10.2019 @ 23:39

    I am ammar from Pakistan I loved to see your realistic pix I want to knw if I will serve you any possibility I want you to take me whole life and destroy my manhood I want to serve u whole life as a sissy

  9. Randy
    24.10.2019 @ 09:16

    I want to be your pet, I am willing to pay any price.Even my Life and property.

  10. Drew
    26.10.2019 @ 23:49

    You are so hot in your black leather and boots!!! Omfg!!

  11. Binod chhetry
    03.11.2019 @ 22:08

    Hlo Mistress I want to your toilet sreve everything I do

  12. Shivu
    16.11.2019 @ 15:42

    Do fuck guys ass with huge dildos???

  13. BG
    13.12.2019 @ 10:38

    Fantastic fantasies

  14. Yours new sub
    25.12.2019 @ 23:45

    Goddess I’m your fan. Goddess i have a fetish of golden showers but the problem is i can afford any mistress as I’m poor. Goddess I’m also confused to share my fetish because i feel shy to say.. how can i be full fill my feitshes.

    I go through all your interview on YouTube. You are explained the topic nicely.. hope one day i will serve you dear goddess.

  15. Ezada
    30.12.2019 @ 10:33

    sometimes I do

  16. Bill Gregor
    01.01.2020 @ 22:14

    The painful table is one fine instrument of cbt. Love how YOU use YOUR feet, heels and hands to get what YOU want.

  17. Ezada
    24.01.2020 @ 20:16

    I LOVE it as well

  18. Pankaj kothawade
    02.04.2020 @ 16:08

    Very nice domination

  19. Shanu saxena
    02.04.2020 @ 19:48

    I m shanu join your group.

  20. YourDevo67
    06.04.2020 @ 00:45

    Hello there
    I`m not sure i`m right here but i try it !
    I`m at and there are a lot of Fake- & Scammer-Profiles !!!
    The good news: Absolutely top Favorites are two Mistresses… Mistress Asmondena and Goddess Ezada Sinn !!!
    The bad Side: This is a COPYRIGHT VIOLATION and not fair to You ( Ezada Sinn ) !!!
    Here some Profiles and the URLs ( all of the Pics and Sites are reported at ALT from me but they not really active )
    Here three of them:
    – amyputtings92 – 41W – Jonesboro, Georgia, USA{“ActivityFeedView-page”:1}
    – mistressmonica18 – 45W – New York, New York, USA{“ActivityFeedView-page”:1}
    – MistressLH – 35W – Austin, Texas, USA{“ActivityFeedView-page”:1}
    All the Best with Greens from Switzerland

    My Account{“ActivityFeedView-page”:1}

  21. Questioning his submission
    21.04.2020 @ 18:45

    Hey Yours new sub,
    You might have had a better chance with this or any other Mistress, if you wrote a coherent message.

  22. Tee Moran
    21.04.2020 @ 18:48

    Being trained to take ever larger strapon Cocks for the pleasure of the Goddess Ezada, if earned, would be the greatest gift!

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