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  1. Vijay
    15.05.2018 @ 16:51

    Plz goddess give me a chance

  2. Slave paulo
    17.05.2018 @ 14:48

    When you need slave for fims contact me

  3. Ezada
    17.05.2018 @ 15:02

    I only film with My collared slaves nowadays. But you can still apply to film for the House of Sinn

  4. Cuckoldslave Juha
    18.05.2018 @ 19:31

    Via phone IT isint work at now.
    Most powerfull aroma on The world.

  5. Nikki
    18.05.2018 @ 21:22

    My Goddess, My Lord, My empress
    Give me a chance.
    I’l do your holy slavery for the last breath of my life.

  6. Vishal sawant
    30.05.2018 @ 10:57

    Godess Pls give me roll as slave in ur film without charge Pls godess

  7. Jcshravan
    01.06.2018 @ 06:30


  8. Shehab
    01.06.2018 @ 18:16

    We can communicate and make a film with and I will be your slave in the film and at home and anywhere else I am the first Egyptian Arab to represent you

  9. Joseph
    12.06.2018 @ 15:47

    You are really good looking and beautiful mistress

  10. Ezada
    03.07.2018 @ 09:33

    I appreciate your offer but I only use My collared slaves on and off camera.

  11. Sivvvbhb
    05.06.2020 @ 00:17

    I become a toilet slave for someone

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