Serve Me via OnlyFans

My online training program, as it is now, will be discontinued starting today. Those of you who are serving Me from a distance may continue to do so just as before, but for everyone else My training program has moved to My new OnlyFans page.

I have lots of projects going on lately and I receive tons of emails everyday. And although I am pleased to hear you are My fans and you love My work, I am all the time overwhelmed by all the messages I receive and I fail to offer enough time to things that really matter for Me: My relaxation, My family, My collared boys. Therefore I must cut down from somewhere and this is the one-to-one interaction with new boys via email.

If you want to be part of My life, start buying My clips (I make clips not only for entertainment purposes, but also as training guides for My boys), join My OnlyFans (for daily tasks, exclusive content, peeks into My private life). One-to-one training will still be available via OnlyFans pay-per-view messages.

For the first month only you can join My OnlyFans with 24,99 usd/month.