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  1. horstie fm
    22.08.2014 @ 13:41

    Thank You, Mistress, that are proper rules for the inferior males. i praise Your Female Superiority, Mistress

  2. Ezada
    22.08.2014 @ 13:51

    Learn them by heart

  3. horstie fm
    22.08.2014 @ 21:22

    Thank You, Mistress, i try to learn all Your statements by heart. Your wisdom of Female Superiority is my religion

  4. MyPainUrJoy
    22.08.2014 @ 23:30

    Honorable Lady Ezada Sinn, Sublime Goddess of Female Supremacy
    please let me praise Your overwhelming generousity and allow me to humbly say thank You for giving inferior beings like me so many chances to become a more worthy creature and a better slave to the Superior Female Gender!

  5. slave alfredo
    28.08.2014 @ 07:40


    it is unbeleavable, how perfect YOU are.

    YOUR wonderful face, figure and body, YOUR allways dreamful clothes and outfits and YOUR perfect habit and looking – strong, severe, superior!

    Everybody can see, how YOU controll YOUR slaves. Look at YOUR left hand – no slave will move without YOUR orders.
    And the stick in YOUR right Hand, especially its end. I would like to crawl to YOU to take this end in my useless body.

    The slave must be allways ready to get YOUR Champagne – how graceful YOU are.

    YOUR rules would be part of my life, not only one letter i would misunderstand.

    YOU are the synonym of female superiority. YOU are a perfect GODDESS!

    i pray at YOU!

    slave alfredo

  6. tomas
    28.08.2014 @ 19:10

    Beautiful Goddess Ezada, I give my heart and soul to you… tomas

  7. bootslavetoeleise
    29.08.2014 @ 00:11

    Congratulations on a well constructed set of rules, Mistress Ezada.

  8. Sagar
    02.09.2014 @ 11:25

    My Devine Goddess EZDA,
    You are my ruler and you decide my every move. I am your most submissive Slave at your feet. Beg you placing my head on your Devine feet to have your fun and enjoyment torturing me at your will. Bust my balls whip me hard and shit in my mouth. Give me the golden shower of your sacred PISS. Humiliate me and use me as your pony to move here and there. I shall be submissive slave at your command worshiping my Goddess.

  9. Kathrino Hörig
    03.09.2014 @ 20:55

    Yes Mistress! I will be obedient to You forever! Doamna! Stapana! I love Your rules! I love You! You are my Goddess! Stapana! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. John
    20.09.2014 @ 22:59

    Doamna Ezada
    You have cast your spell and I am entranced by your beauty, your intelligence, and your understanding. It is a joy to be with and to so affected by such a very special person. Putty in your hands.

  11. John Cano
    12.12.2014 @ 00:47

    slave 613-613-212 would never disobey Mistress Ezada for fear of her wrath.

  12. Andy
    05.04.2015 @ 03:03

    I am learning them by heart mistress Ezada and all the slave positions so I can be a good slave for you x

  13. Elok
    01.01.2016 @ 21:21

    Many of them can be used to everyday life of any slave.

  14. Bob
    05.05.2016 @ 23:56

    These are very reasonable and proper rules. I will be offering these to my wife for implementation at her discretion. Thank you Goddess Ezada for the opportunity to recognize your Feminine Supremacy and your Superior Female Intellect.

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