Servant Rules


1 – When spoken to by a Mistress, stand still, keep your hands quiet, and always look at the person speaking. Then immediately do what you have been told without any hesitation or reservation.

2 – Never let your voice be heard by the Ladies of the household. If they have spoken directly to you with a question or statement which requires a response, speak as little as possible.

3 – In the presence of your Mistress, never speak to another servant or to a person of your own rank, unless for necessity, and then as little as possible, and as quietly as possible.

4 – Never begin to talk to the Ladies, unless to deliver a message, or to ask a necessary question, and then do it in few words as possible.

5 – Items that are served or have been dropped, such as gloves or a crop, and other small items, should generally be presented to the Ladies on a salver. If none is at hand, use both your hands to present the item to the Lady.

6 – Always use the proper address:  “Doamna” or “Miss”, or “Stapana/Mistress”, as the case may be. Close every of your sentences with such proper address.

7 – Never offer your opinion to a Mistress unless asked for expressly.

8 – Always “give room”: that is if you encounter one of the Ladies in the house or on the stairs, you are to make yourself as invisible as possible, turning yourself toward the wall, and averting your eyes.

9 – Upon the ringing of the Mistress`s bell, stop whatever you are doing immediately and hurry to see her for instructions.

10 – Except in reply to a salutation offered, never say “good morning” or “good night” to your Mistress.

11 – If you are required to walk with a Lady in order to carry packages, or for any other reason, always keep half a pace back and strictly remain on the Lady’s left side. On stairs or on an escalator, see that your head never is above hers.

12 – Accept every corporal punishment from the Mistress´s hands with humble gratefulness as it is always justified and necessary as a means for her pleasure and for your education.

13 – You shall not receive any relative, visitor, or friend, into the house of your Mistress.

14 – Followers are strictly forbidden. Any servant who is found to be fraternizing with any other male or female without the consent of the Mistress, shall be immediately dismissed.

Mistress Ezada rules female supremacy