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  1. samail
    29.09.2018 @ 02:49

    Thank you ezada sinn

  2. samail
    29.09.2018 @ 02:50

    Ezada sinn is the best player to win the league for the world and the

  3. salmail
    02.10.2018 @ 19:44

    Ezada sinn love you thank you

  4. rich
    23.12.2018 @ 17:12

    WOW – I just left a lengthly e mail writing to Superior Lady Ezada explaining my Fem Dom beliefs – admirations / adorations to this magnificently beautiful refined dominant lady.. What a great feeling of .. “honor and awe “.. I feel at this moment… This lady is truly a lady who should always be followed, served, adored and obeyed… What an honor and thrill to express my thoughts – yes madam – we all look up too, and drop to those high heeled feet – please consider growing Your fingernails even longer for us to grovel before.. we all love You !

  5. DS
    29.01.2019 @ 20:12

    If u control EVERYTHING in his life by increasing his sexual desire for u thru programming to the pt he has no free will at all, doesn’t he have less of a life than a dog? He has zero ctrl of his life, which equates to zero freedom. He ilike one of the girls hel”captive byby the guy or 10yrs who were so ctrld they could be let out and still come back. That’s enslavemenothe MIND, right? How is being a prisoner who’s let out on hall pass to do chores have freedom? How is life w no actual freedom AT ALL mutually beneficial?
    He is emotionally dmgd enuf to gravitate toward someone who will torment him, and by the time he’s in he’s lost all will so it CANT BE HIS CHOICE TO BE WITH YOU.
    Get it?
    He’s not married to u but legaly. He’s not a husband. He’s not even a person anymore. Slavery days slaves had moe fredom than him.
    Do u understand?
    Because he lets u, believes he loves u but its like Mansons followers he said he stripped of ego (the freudian meaning). not returned in reality (u cant love a pet like person, not the same thing.)

    If u RESPECT someone, u care about their wishes, and even take their choice over your own sometimes.
    It literally impossible to respect someone who never says NO. U cant, no matter how they worshio u. That’s not respect.

    Free will is agreed by ALL to be the most valued thing in humanity. U cannot choose to have none.

    Its not a choice to never again have choice. Its exactly like suicide in thar way. FINAL.
    AND KNOW THAT, which why u describe how he’s never when allowed to habituate to near zero sexual release, and u NEVER have actual sex w him. He never feelthat connection, AND NEITHER DO YOU.
    Body against body, feeling at the same time. Bad orgasms from rare handjobs are not that connection. In short, uve NEVER had sew him.
    Unleeess u get ur sexual satisfaction with others, probably women, so YOU CHEAT ON HIM. If u ave other men ctrld, then hes no diff than them. He gets the exact same satisfaction of sex in his life, NONE.
    BUT again where do get urs?
    Is taking someones “soul” ur version of that fullfilment?
    Btw, thars something he can never have, in hehe more general sense of thw word.

    Lastly, have u considered that the reason u need oneed increase his sesire beyond humanity is bu believe ur not sexually attracribe enuf to keep him otherwise? He’d LEAVE U IN A HEARTBEAT without….
    I’m tired, somebodyl’l hear it or they won’t.
    And YES i am aware of all thd positives of being a sub and giving some ctrl outside sex, but not utter ancomplete emptiness and a husk of a human.
    Normal good d&s (better term) gives pleasure by pain, more by givig ctrl.during sex. What hegot isn’t sex. And he’s never kissed anbeen kissed ack simultaniously, intercourse, or satisfaction EVER. Positive B&D gives it eventually w whatever days each side of bldg desire increasing eventual satisfaction – not just “release” in the way mean it.

    MOST IMP: he could not marry u if it wasn’t choice. Its void. U described how u took his free will systematically and calculatedly, and must keep re-inflicting or he can habituate to the loss of everything (nothing is his bc he has no choice to keep it), he ant evegrieve.

    He cant respect.
    He cant love.
    Ur thoughts have replaced his. Ur words his. No conflicting opinion can be uttered. Thefore no respect.
    U cannot respecsomeond who never says no.

    Oh, and was wrong, ull leave him when he’s used up. His libito will be too low to incease enuf to override his own welfare.
    He will then have lost a life of sexual gratificatiianto finone who truely loves him bc they can care about his needs as much or more thatheif own.

    A life without actualization or fullfillment or will is not life.
    A deathrow isolation cell inmate actually has more fre will than he.

  6. Ezada
    29.01.2019 @ 20:53

    I don’t believe you understand the reality of a D/s TPE relationship vs the fantasy of it. Yes, I have total control over his life and this is what makes both Me and him happy and fulfilled. Yes, I have total control over his sexuality. My sex life with him is way better and more intense than the sex life of most vanilla couples. Sexuality can be express in many forms, without the necessity of him having an orgasm during penetration. Sure not everyone wants to be in a Female Led Relationship and I respect that. Now you should respect My choice too.

  7. Andy
    05.06.2019 @ 06:38

    Everyone has their own preferences, so im not sure what the big deal is. Some males like to exercise total control over their female partners, just like how a relationship would be between sub male and dom female. It goes both ways and does not mean that one sex is superior to the other. However, I hope that the dom in the D/s relationship does not think that the sex on the submissive is what makes them inferior. That’s pretty toxic.

  8. Ayesh
    05.10.2019 @ 12:04

    I think the @DS is into BDSM and chastity play. He want’s a dominant belittling answer from Goddess Ezada Sinn ,so he can have his pleasure.

  9. Max
    10.11.2019 @ 09:27

    my goddess, i wonder if you also like to play “gentler” forms of femdom (no pain, but still evident dominance) or if you love BDSM only, even in my most passive whims i dont like to see/feel my balls crushed; still i feel and like your dominant aura; if you whant to expand your “menù” i would be happy to be (physically, but not financially) dominated by Goddess Ezada!

  10. Arun
    02.12.2021 @ 18:59

    My superior Goddessess, how can i b a dust under your high heels.. Pl advice me

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