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  1. Andrea
    24.05.2014 @ 13:07

    thanks for these lessons Goddess..a great way to start a training…a submissive salute from italy.

  2. sqweegel
    27.05.2014 @ 15:03

    i cannot believe this is already the last instruction. Thank You for taking the time to learn us devotees how to serve You (and Women in general) better, and be better people/slaves by doing so.


  3. Ketil
    04.06.2014 @ 21:46

    Doamna !
    Its what I like to see.

    Sincerely yours.


  4. tomas
    27.06.2014 @ 23:16

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I believe in Goddess Ezada, I believe in Female Supremacy, thanks Mistress

  5. Fred torbett
    09.08.2014 @ 23:15

    Mistress I won’t to become a loyal personal work slave and be owned by u forreal I will give everything I own to u u will run my life as u see fit if interested call 9513129151

  6. Sagar
    02.09.2014 @ 05:34

    I beg kneeling before the most Sacred feet of My Goddess Mistress EZDA,to please grant me the happiness of being your Most submissive, devoted and faithful TOILET-SLAVE, under your holy feet and be commanded by my goddess all my life tortured and humiliated extremely to the pleasure of my Goddess. I am the sole property of Goddess Mistress EZDAI in body and mind. I want to live eating the precious and holy SHITT of my Goddess EZDA. Please accept me as your Slave under your sacred feet My Goddess.

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