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  1. tomas
    04.06.2014 @ 00:16

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, You are my perfect Mistress and I will completely surrender to You, Goddess Ezada. If You think I am worthy, teach me and lead me to learn how to please you in any way you want me to….. tomas

  2. tomas
    04.06.2014 @ 00:36

    Mistress Ezada, I’ll am so full of love and horny feelings for You, my cock is dripping and my hole body is shaking when I think on You

  3. tomas
    04.06.2014 @ 00:46

    I love You. my Mistress

  4. tomas
    04.06.2014 @ 01:05

    Ohh Mistress Ezada I am looking at Your movie. mmm I love it thanks you are so steamy hot sexy

  5. tomas
    04.06.2014 @ 01:19

    Mistress Ezada, thanks again, I love the movie, You fulfill my dreams in all ways.

  6. Ketil
    04.06.2014 @ 21:55

    Doamna !
    I down think you have found your perfect slave yet DOAMNA, but I think in future you will becauese he is waiting for you, and in your deep you know who it is, becauese you deserve the best.
    Thanks for your outstanding way to dress DOAMNA.

    Sincerely yours.


  7. médor
    06.06.2014 @ 21:04

    The most important things are the connection, and his willingness to please.
    And so, little by little, he will start to love new things, like a hard whipping. He will start to fantasize about things that he never fantasized about before, because he can see how aroused I am when using him the way I like, because he feels the flow of energy between Me and him, every time I see how much he wants to go further and further, pleasing Me as much as possible.


  8. tomas
    08.06.2014 @ 00:09

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I love you

  9. tomas
    08.06.2014 @ 00:11

    I can’t think about enything else but my Mistress, I won’t to try to be your slave. ..

  10. Sagar
    07.08.2014 @ 10:09

    Oh! My Goddess,
    Seeing your Devine feet, I am flat on your feet worship and serve you as your TOILE-SLAVE and want to be submissive slave, accept your torture obey your commands and be subjected to humiliation as cuckold at your feet, win your mercy of eating all your SHITT drink PEE and lick All the CUM. goddess will you accept me as Your TOILET-SLAVE please let me eat your SCAT please GODDESS, I beg you

  11. Fred torbett
    05.09.2014 @ 03:28

    Let me become the perfect personal work slave own me I will turn over all I have to u cars house land bussiness bank accounts keep me I’n cage like stupid idiot that I m transform me into your new creation change looks for real use me any way u can ok if interested text me or call 951-312-**** ok

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