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  1. John
    21.03.2014 @ 01:36

    Dear Goddess Ezada
    I worship you Goddess Ezada Sinn
    I worship you Goddess Ezada Sinn
    I worship you Goddess Ezada Sinn
    I belong to you
    My only purpose is to make you happy
    I think of you every day – and I promise to make myself available once again to you in Bucharest in accordance with your strict instructions.
    Your obedient and respectful submissive ever more under your influence

  2. sqweegel
    21.03.2014 @ 10:10

    Thank You dear Goddess Ezada for taking the time to post such an important instruction. It’s hard enough for us here to try to figure out how we should act, behave and reply. So when such an amazing Goddess like Yourself steps down to us and takes the time to learn us such things… Amazing!

  3. horstie fm
    25.03.2014 @ 14:09

    Thanks, amazing graceful Lady Ezada,
    kneeling in front of a Mistress is not just kneeling down, it is much more an expression of the special Female dominated relationship between an inferior submissive male and the superior mighty Mistress, between his disciplined obedience in detail and Her overwhelming supremacy overall.
    Thanks for Your competent lessons, we will learn to obey better than ever

  4. christoph
    25.03.2014 @ 14:58

    Thank you so much for this instruction! I will learn all positions that you publish before I again ask again for the honor of a session!

  5. tomas
    02.12.2014 @ 21:44

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, Very interesting, I read a scientist article about this flow of energy between people…

  6. tomas
    02.12.2014 @ 21:48

    and they described just as Mistress say, between the palm

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