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  1. Harman
    31.05.2016 @ 05:09

    The most beautiful and sexyes mistress i ever sew in the domination world..

  2. bootlicker
    03.01.2019 @ 23:59


    Mistress, a Goddess:
    Queen of all the universe,
    Creation, Her slave.

    “My Mistress”? Oh, no!
    Stupid fool, She is not yours;
    you belong to Her!

    Strong men crawl for miles
    to beg at Her lovely feet
    permission to kiss!

    To be whipped by Her:
    the kiss of a pure Angel,
    sweeter than honey!

    Proud male bears Her brand,
    seared into its chattel hide
    by Goddess Herself.

    What man can resist
    the most beautiful Woman
    ever: Ezada!

    Face down in the dirt,
    carpet for Her precious feet:
    lucky man, indeed!

  3. Ezada
    04.01.2019 @ 13:44

    I like it. you wrote it? I would like to publish it on My blog in the fanart section.

  4. bootlicker
    07.01.2019 @ 02:01

    May it please the Gracious Goddess!

    This unworthy scribbler is deeply honored that You were pleased with its humble tribute. Please enjoy this worshipful offering, and share with Your adoring followers as it may please You, and accept this bootlicker’s most sincere thanks for the privilege of laying a gift at Your feet. Would it please You to permit this distant admirer to compose more small songs of praise?

  5. bootlicker
    19.05.2022 @ 21:27

    The worm at Her feet
    begs to lick Her precious boots.
    She spits in its face.

    The Goddess is bored;
    She will whip a slave for fun..
    First, kiss My whip, dog.

    When Goddess is done
    and sits down to rest Herself,
    slave kisses Her feet.

    Thank You, sweet Goddess,
    Your unworthy slave thanks You
    for Your gift of pain.

    Your slave is grateful
    for a chance to amuse You.
    Did You enjoy it?

    Yes, slave, I enjoyed
    seeing you suffer for Me;
    I am truly pleased.

    Then Her happy slave
    knew the reason it was born:
    to please Her in pain.

    Thank You, Mistress.

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