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  1. slave chrissy
    03.04.2016 @ 13:35

    Have been reading the story when pink poodles meet his Mistress.
    The first meeting must be very nervous, and when Mistress meet his slave on a public place,
    that must be scary, and on the same time very nice…like a dream come true
    Must admire ping poodles that have the gut’s to meet The lovely Mistress Ezada
    The first day to meet Mistress and Her friends, that will be a day to remember
    Love when a Mistress are caring, and in the same time very strict
    good for the slave to know who are in charge.
    Wish I had the guts to meet Her in person, but dreaming about it is one thing, do it IRL is another thing.
    When a slave of non experience do what pink poodles did, that is strong
    Think Mistress Ezada knew how nervous a slave are…….so a slave are in good, but hard hands
    Was nice reading about it, wish to do the same thing…smile..
    Thanks for letting me leave a comment
    Mistress Ezada are gorgeous, and a stunning Mistress, and Her slaves are in good hands

  2. Ezada
    03.04.2016 @ 13:36


  3. pink poodle
    03.04.2016 @ 13:47

    Thank you chrissy, i was indeed incredibly nervous, but Goddess Ezada understood and knew how to handle me. The weekend was an amazing experience which i will always cherish.

  4. Ezada
    03.04.2016 @ 14:11

    And the several months of advanced distance training really helped him build the complete confidence any pet should have in his Mistress.

  5. pink poodle
    03.04.2016 @ 17:16

    Your training helped a lot Stapana, it gave me great confidence and trust in You

  6. sit
    04.04.2016 @ 05:32

    A wonderful story to read. Yet i am positive, it was a far more wonderful a story to have lived.

  7. pink poodle
    04.04.2016 @ 23:05

    glad you enjoyed it sit, it was truly wonderful

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