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  1. Leather Lady
    08.09.2016 @ 13:35

    Love it! So good to see a worthless doormat of a slave being forced to accept the leather booted torment of such divine mistresses! Enslave him with the power of leather, just what I like most xxx.

  2. Ezada
    08.09.2016 @ 16:19

    Thank you. Your website is hot!

  3. tomas
    17.09.2016 @ 16:21

    I am Your little insect (working bee), and want to be crushed under Your boots

  4. nuli
    02.11.2016 @ 08:23

    To be crushed by and for my only Goddess Ezada, it’s my great dream. i am such a useless man, if to be crushed by my Goddess Ezada canplease Her a lot, then it will be my first choice.

  5. Raj
    30.12.2016 @ 05:28

    I want to show your high heel boot trample . If there any clips kindly inform me mistress

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