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  1. TubbySubby
    08.09.2016 @ 17:57

    It’s so nice to read that You are able to keep busy with leading Your worldwide network of devoted slaves and servants while still enjoying the travel and leisure that You so richly deserve.
    It’s hard to explain just how exciting and gratifying it is to be just a small part of Your amazing life. Everyday i look forward to learning about what new plans and projects that You have planned for Yourself and Your loyal subjects. i can’t wait to find out what You come up with next!
    i hope You are able to relax and enjoy Yourself as much as possible knowing that Your boys are working hard to enrich Your magnificent life.
    Thank You so much for allowing me to serve You everyday. Your pleasure is my only reward.
    Your boy,

  2. iulian
    08.09.2016 @ 20:05

    1. this means You won’t be available for skype/e-mail training/ chastity training?
    2. will you still be interested in services like driving to or from airport ?

    too bad for us, part-time subs 😀

  3. Ezada
    08.09.2016 @ 20:36

    1. I am still available for online training (limited spots available)
    2. My devotes will continue to serve Me

    I do not do professional sessions.

  4. horstie fm
    12.09.2016 @ 20:09

    You know how to sift chaff from the wheat – when faced with legions of fans it’s most important. i don’t belong to Your inner circle of Your immediate slaves – but i stay devoted to You. I praise Your Female superiority publicly, i deepen my addiction to Your superior personality, i praise Your bonniness and classiness, Your Female dominance und supremacy. Every day i worship You – and i cast it upon the world, i brag about my addiction

  5. Ezada
    15.09.2016 @ 18:33

    you are My faithful devotee, you are part of the extended “family”.

  6. horstie fm
    16.09.2016 @ 21:07

    Thank You, Stapana, You are so generous. i’m very proud belonging to You!

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