Picture of the week 36 2016 – Crushed like an insect

Crushed like an insect trampling Ezada Tressa

Miss Tressa and I use Our slave as a convenient mat, trampling him under Our feet as though he was no more than an annoying insect; while I stand on his face with My full weight, Miss Tressa concentrates on crushing the life out of his useless cock and balls. Having flattened his nose under My leather boots to make a more comfortable seat, I sit down to enjoy the spectacle of My good friend Miss Tressa pulverizing his cock and balls. And, with My voluptuous ass on his face, it is not long before Miss Tressa squeezes some disgusting pre-cum out of the slaves flattened cock although after such an intense trampling it is unlikely that this creature will be able to function again in that area. But, with a flattened face, crushed cock and battered balls, he will be able to function as a doormat, which after all is all that matters.


you can buy the clip from here: Crushed like an insect