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  1. Leather Lady
    13.08.2016 @ 18:50

    Excellent work ladies! I love to see fellow leather clad mistresses at work on their helpless male slaves, beautiful and divine leather ladies extracting obedience from their slave – almost jealous! xxx

  2. Ezada
    13.08.2016 @ 20:51

    Thank you :*

  3. Henry
    15.08.2016 @ 16:40

    Dear Mistress. You look simply Gorgeous and I dream of passing between your hands…

  4. cigarashslave
    20.08.2016 @ 04:25

    Does that slave know how lucky he is to have had your Divine hands on his cock and balls? If he doesn’t you should definitely punish him.

  5. Ezada
    20.08.2016 @ 16:55

    he knows!

  6. probe97
    23.09.2016 @ 04:20

    Oh god the contrast of all those long glossy nails massaging his slippery penis to climax is so arousing for sissy me.

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