Picture of the week 32 2016 – Kidnapped and milked by 4 leather Goddesses

The glorious and glamorous Ladies of the House of Sinn (Goddess Ezada Sinn, Lady Yna, Mistress Kennya and Mistress Saida) have kidnapped another unsuspecting guinea pig on which to carry out their experiments of pain, humiliation and torture. Chained to the punishment bench and totally at Their mercy his ordeal is just beginning. For now his Mistresses want his cum. To be extracted quickly and efficiently until his sorry balls are totally drained. Using Their special warm jerking oil the sublime Goddesses stroke his cock with their beautifully manicured hands,Their beautiful red nails a blur of jerking activity.They will take his cum when they want, how they want and how often they want. He is powerless to resist. The wonderful ladies of the House of Sinn always get what they want. Without exception.


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4 domme forced orgasms