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  1. pink poodle
    01.08.2017 @ 00:36

    a divine meal Stapana mea, any slave would be lucky to have it

  2. chaz harris
    01.08.2017 @ 12:47

    I would eat 10 of them every day – to the exclusion of anything else. But please Mistress Ezada, I hope that you would give me the absolute minimum chocolate spread and the maximum amount of your lovely special fluids and sweaty nylon flavouring – yummmmy!!

  3. Ezada
    01.08.2017 @ 12:50

    with pleasure!

  4. chaz harris
    03.08.2017 @ 07:01

    mmmmmmm… thank you so much, Mistress. You are so good to your slaves and submissives, always thinking first of their health and nourishment :o) But please don’t forget the very special and delicious golden ingredient that is so important for both the nutrition and education of all beta wimps.

  5. teofil andrei
    08.08.2017 @ 22:02

    I wanted to send you money hoping that you got me your slave but the procedure is too complicated and I did not succeed.

  6. Ezada
    08.08.2017 @ 22:10

    I don’t want you to send Me anything. I am not looking for new slaves anyway.

  7. nuli
    11.08.2017 @ 03:03

    Goddess, nuli enjoys having such a breakfast made by You. nuli dares not bother his supreme Goddess to make breakfast for him everyday. But nuli will miss such a breakfast every morning, and it will make nuli to associate a morning drink directly from Goddess and a piece of bread spread with Goddess’ chocolate directly from Goddess’ asshole. Now nuli has them mentally, but nuli is lucky that some day it will come true.

  8. slave g
    26.08.2017 @ 17:47

    Your spit excites me so very much as does Your Golden Champagne. my mouth aches to be fed Your spit all day every day in the most degrading ways to amuse You whilst i soak in Your Golden Champagne used as Your toilet. Ever since i was young i have felt most excited by Female spit, i feel Mother Nature created me to be a Girls Spittoon with my face a receptacle for Females to spit on and spit at and consume. i would be so eager to be fed Your Special sandwich for breakfast and seeing it swimming in Your delicious spit gets me so excited. My favourite lunch would be eating up the ashes of Your cigarette that is swimming in Your spit from Your ashtray or soles of Your Superior Boots

  9. working bee
    27.08.2017 @ 22:25

    mmm Goddess, I want to eat Your sandwich with taste of Goddess “odor” every day

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