Picture of the week 31 2017: A delicious sandwich for your breakfast

It’s feeding time for you, My slave, and I will create a healthy breakfast sandwich consisting of white bread and chocolate nut spread seasoned with a key ingredient: My spit. I hope you appreciate how I have prepared this culinary delight for you. Just look at all this lovely saliva, layered all over and completely covering that sweet Nutella spread, doesn’t it look yummy? Add another slice of white bread on top, crush it together using My nylon covered toes and voila, a delicious treat for any slave. What a perfect combination of ingredients, all My mucus and chocolate sauce just soak on into the thirsty body of the white bread. Yet, there is one secret ingredient I haven’t told you about, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out it’s unique odors with ease. All this wonderful concoction made special just for you. Now open up your mouth, your Goddess wants to see you enjoy it!



A delicious sandwich for your breakfast

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