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  1. Gazan Kahn
    08.04.2015 @ 23:15

    GODDESS My desire is to serve you with affection dedication concentration and best of my ability to submit myself to YOU for the rest of my LIFE

  2. hengda yang
    09.04.2015 @ 16:02

    i love to be treated like this by my Greatest Goddess Ezada, i always long for this happiness, the more pain my Goddess gives me, the more happiness i will have.

  3. medor
    09.04.2015 @ 23:15

    This photo is fantastic : YOU are fantastic, my beloved Mistress !

  4. Billy
    19.04.2015 @ 11:35

    This is a great photo. M Ezada looks stunning, the slave licking her boots in gratitude after receiving a severe whipping, the fact the slave hates to be whipped and is doing it solely for the pleasure of his Mistress makes his sacrifice even greater and the hold his Goddess have over him even more powerful. This photo sums up femdom for me. Timeless.

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