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  1. slave pete
    11.04.2015 @ 13:07

    Dear Mistress Ezada,

    I am quite confident that You are correct in Your assumption, that there You will be swamped with volunteer applications.
    I for one would be extremely honoured and grateful to be allowed the wonderful privilege of being used as ‘living toilet paper’.

    In fact it would be worth begging to be whipped in order to be considered for the position. I could even imagine a situation where there were say 3 or more slaves competing for the coveted role.

    In order to decide which slave is successful each would be whipped, the winner would be the slave who could take the most number of lashes before pleading for mercy.

    The winning slave would hold this position for 24 hrs, when the process would be repeated with the remaining slaves. He would only be allowed to re-enter the challenge once all the other slaves had served Mistress Ezada in this special way.

    However the 2nd time would be more difficult as he’d not only have to take the same number as before but also an additional 50 lashes. This would continue until only 2 slaves remained, who would be on duty for 12 hours at a time to be ready whenever required.

  2. tomas
    12.04.2015 @ 23:16

    well done sexy drawings of female power. to be used as Mistress Ezadas own living toilet paper is indeed a very arousing thought

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