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  1. John Campbell
    26.03.2018 @ 20:52

    The most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen in my life

  2. Aajoshi
    28.03.2018 @ 20:35

    It’s not easy to eat cum for first time..

    But Mistress ezada and kennya makes it easy for slut like me.

    I also want to eat load for first time by mentroship and forcefulness from you both Mistress

  3. Oliver
    02.12.2018 @ 19:47

    Hi Goddess

    I saw u drive to owk i live 2 hours far away from owk and want to asked if i can be your Slave there ?

  4. Ezada
    03.12.2018 @ 10:05

    you may contact OWK directly if you want to serve there

  5. Robert
    27.11.2019 @ 17:36

    Oh My god she’s so beautiful and such a To die for sexy Goddess I So deeply and desperately need a A Beautiful Sexy Dominant Cuckoldress Mistress and she’s perfect Wow I’m So Drawn to her She’s absolutely irresistible i feel so weak and Helpless to her Supremacy,Dominance and Beauty all I Desire to do is serve her obediently faithfully and be her Submissive little Cuckold Cum Slut and always be Available to Suck Cock for my Beautiful Cuckoldress Mistress anytime and Be her submissive Bisexual Cock Sucker and Slaveboy 24/7 willingly and eagerly Doing anything She wants of me absolutely anything she’s an Absolute and Complete Control I’m her Total Submissive Obedient Cum Slut and Total Cock Anal Cock Slave!

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