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  1. Anonymous
    24.04.2018 @ 11:56

    I have always tried to deny the fact that am a devotee to you. I can’t hold it any more

    04.05.2018 @ 00:20

    Possible photo naked

  3. Ezada
    12.05.2018 @ 17:29


  4. Kamel
    21.07.2018 @ 14:22

    M’y lady possible your leg

  5. tubby
    17.12.2018 @ 00:30

    Goddess Ezada’s ass and legs are magnificent and deserved to be worshipped by men and women alike. Her Feminine Power is divine & irresistible.

  6. Robert
    27.11.2019 @ 18:47

    Hello My Beautiful Mistress and To die for sexy Goddess Ezada I just wrote you a Message telling you how I feel it is totally Coming from my heart please do not ever think for one Moment that it is not I So absolutely wish I Could Send you a Tweet or Communicate with you on Twitter but those Assholes Suspended my account please excuse my French my Beautiful Goddess Ezada but they’re So unfair and will neither Allow me to delete my account and just keep me there not allowing me to do anything at all my Twitter handle was or is Trumpspy4russia when I became political after trump won the 2016 Election before that i think it was Kinkyboy666 or Cuckoldboy666 I’m not sure cuz I often use those two Similar handles My email is you can email me anytime you want My Cell # is (562)2982469 you can text me absolutely anytime you want I would be totally honored my Beautiful Goddess Ezada I Always Dream of being your Total anal Fuck Slut slaveboy and Being Dildo/Butt Plug Trained by yourself and Having you Train me to be A submissive and obedient Bisexual Cuckold Slut and Slaveboy for you and train my butthole boy Pussy to take it as hard as Big as deep and as much as you want me to take it.and Suck Cock as much as you want me to and Train me to Take it all the way to the back of my throat to deep throat Cocks without Gagging to lose my gag reflex and to Love the Taste of Cum and ability to Swallow Many loads of Cum without getting sick and loving to do So I do enjoy Sucking Cock With women and for women ordered by the direction of women and i do Love the Taste of Cum but i do Still gag when i deep throat or when men shove there Cocks down the back of my throat and I still sometimes get sick or Want to spit it out I Don’t always swallow Cum without getting grossed out the way I should as a seasoned submissive bisexual cuckold slaveboy cock sucker. submissively yours robert

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