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  1. tomas
    28.05.2015 @ 23:51

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, I believe in You and completely surrender love to read about this ” Passion and pride “

  2. Billy
    29.05.2015 @ 00:05

    Really good piece of writing. The Warrior top looks great, and so honoured to be allowed to tongue the ass of the Goddess!

  3. tomas
    29.05.2015 @ 00:32

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, I love everything about You

  4. pete
    30.05.2015 @ 20:31

    Having had the privilege of being whipped by Mistress Ezada, I have to say slave len is indeed a lucky slave. I can honestly say, that I know I haven’t met any other Mistress that enjoys whipping Her slaves more than Mistress Ezada.

    Additionally She is truly an expert at whipping, and although now has many years of experience – I truly believe it comes quite naturally to Her. I can readily visualise Mistress Ezada as an important Lady in Roman times, with many male slaves at Her disposal. With possibly 2 or 3 kept purely to be whipped, chained up 24/7 deep in Her dungeon. Taking it in turns to be chained to the ceiling to await his whipping.

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