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  1. horstie fm
    25.05.2015 @ 13:15

    his mantra should be my mantra, too. When i speak Your name, Mistress Ezada, i feel Your mighty power, i feel my strong desire to serve You

  2. Ezada
    25.05.2015 @ 13:35

    The emails I received from My slaves and devotees and posted here are meant to be a guide line for every submissive male willing to please Me. It is impossible to train in person every male willing to submit to Me – I would not find the time to do it – but all of you who can’t be here to serve Me can learn how to do it from a distance.

  3. horstie fm
    25.05.2015 @ 21:46

    It is highly satisfactory to serve You from a distance, seeing You on a photo or in a clip makes me submissively

  4. Toilet Slave Sagar
    03.06.2015 @ 12:44

    Kneeling obediently with utmost Devotion at the Devine feet of My Goddess Ezada, I beg to submit that I want to be a Toilet Slave of Goddess Ezada all my life serve her merest you obey the commands with sincerity and submit my body for the tortures and bear the pain for the pleasure of my Goddess

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