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  1. medor
    27.01.2015 @ 20:46

    This is your third portrait by SARDAX. Not the second one.

  2. Ezada
    27.01.2015 @ 21:24

    I received this one before the one from you. That one will be featured on My website soon.

  3. brett
    28.01.2015 @ 00:47

    Thanks for this honor, Doamna Ezada.

  4. frank
    28.01.2015 @ 01:09

    Beautiful picture…. Sardax will gain even more experience and does become even better and better in painting You from portray to portray…. Sure he will love doing so….

    Of course this is the second …. You calling it the second is enough to make it such…. This is what makes the Goddess: Things become and then are what You call them. The Goddess defines our perception of reality. The Goddess creates reality. we see the world how You teach us to see it. A natural law. Not so difficult to understand one might think….

  5. tomas
    01.02.2015 @ 23:49

    Mistress Ezada, as always a very beautiful drawing, one of this days…

  6. Khaled
    03.02.2015 @ 19:47

    I love how there is only one key to all the chastity locks as if to resemble the one purpose they live for, serving their Mistress.

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