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  1. purcelus
    25.06.2015 @ 23:19

    You are the Goddess that the World dream to Worship since some decades. The world and mens are Yours.

  2. horstie fm
    26.06.2015 @ 09:04

    Yes, Mistress Ezada, You have locked my mind. Every day i think about Your bonniness, Your dominance, Your superiority, nothing else matters, only You are the single most important fact over the day. my mind is occupied by Your religion, Your implementation of Female supremacy. i’ve no other dreams

  3. sissyletty
    26.06.2015 @ 21:20

    Hello my Mistress, be in that situacion is a dream for a slave, i am so honour to be your property

  4. tomas
    20.07.2015 @ 01:35

    Yes Mistress, You control my mind, that is sure and I love it. Much female power in the picture and Mistress is very sexy and beautiful in black and white dressing

  5. purcelus
    20.08.2015 @ 18:25

    all men can only come into bloom when they live in captivity; under the Reign of the unique Goddess Ezada Sinn

  6. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    13.03.2016 @ 23:51

    Goddess! Goddess! I am a sissy idiot but this what I am saying is true! there is a profile on instagram that is faking being you! It said that it was mistress ezada sin and it was saying that if you tribute to her then you become slave instantly. its emai was please acknoledge this. if you want any other info plz reply to this comment. then i wo give yo my email. Thankz Goddess. I will worship you forevder.
    my head at your toes,slaveboy,Devotee and humble slave to Goddess Ezada Sin

  7. Ezada
    13.03.2016 @ 23:54

    That is obviously not My profile. Report it as fake.

  8. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    14.03.2016 @ 00:06

    Goddess, how do I report it? sorry it is just that it is the first time i have come across it.

  9. Ezada
    14.03.2016 @ 00:20

    I don’t know, I am not using Instagram. Should be possible to do it somehow.

  10. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    14.03.2016 @ 23:30

    Ok Goddess, I will try my best to sort it out. I know that it is unacceptable that someone is faking being you.

  11. Ezada
    14.03.2016 @ 23:45

    Good boy!

  12. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    28.03.2016 @ 22:56

    goddess it is all sorted out. there is a law suit against this person.but it was a man! crazy

  13. Ezada
    28.03.2016 @ 22:58

    As it should be! Let Me know how it will end.

  14. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    29.03.2016 @ 23:25

    I will do so, goddess. it is most likely that this man will be put in jail.

  15. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    31.03.2016 @ 23:17

    will do so goddess. i am very pleased to have spotted a fake of my idol since i know you do not use instagram. and if im correct, you permit slave to make fan pages if they make sure that people know it is fan page not fake profile:

  16. Ezada
    31.03.2016 @ 23:20


  17. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    03.04.2016 @ 23:13

    goddess the man (Eric Adams) was sentenced to 9.5 years in prison. that is how the case ended

  18. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    04.04.2016 @ 23:08

    goddess the man who goes by the name of Eric Adams was sentenced to 8 yrs 5 months prison. the case is settled.

  19. Ezada
    04.04.2016 @ 23:48


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