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  1. tomas
    01.10.2016 @ 23:29

    Impressive, I love to read and dream

  2. horstie fm
    02.10.2016 @ 22:11

    lucky slave sit! In total control of Goddess Ezada Sinn! i envy him, it’s hard work to get his status. Only few are chosen.

  3. brett
    08.10.2016 @ 04:20

    Very nice read. Much respect and admiration to both of You.

  4. Roger Perry
    13.10.2016 @ 10:58

    Wow. Theres nothing better than a daily does of Mistress Ezada to cure the ills of a male and destroy his obstinate and recalcitrant nature.
    One day i hope to become a slave to Mistress Ezada. She is so expert in male adjustments and conditioning practises; but i wonder has she ever trained a male to cum on command by simply clicking her fingers? That would take an expert in Hypnotherapy i’m sure, but with Mistress Ezada we should not doubt her skills on that platform either!

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