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  1. TubbySubby
    28.09.2016 @ 16:15

    i love these pics and the entire clip, as well. It’s exciting witnessing the pure joy expressed on Goddess Ezada’s face as she slowly and sensually bringing Her slave to near climax … then ruining all of it’s physical pleasure. To see the amazing smile on Her beautiful face is priceless and to see how happy it makes Her to have such control over Her slave is intensely gratifying.

  2. brett
    29.09.2016 @ 11:11

    i am hopefully going to be accepted as Ms. Kristin’s new cuckold. i am excited to see if She uses this method to keep be drained without me receiving pleasure.

  3. Ezada
    29.09.2016 @ 13:15

    I am sure She will love it! Thank you for showing Her this video. Let Me know how it was.

  4. ex-slave
    29.09.2016 @ 20:05

    it’s just wanking done by a woman

  5. Ezada
    29.09.2016 @ 21:40

    Yes, it is a wanking. But he is not in control of it.

  6. tomas
    01.10.2016 @ 23:35

    I love You

  7. nuli
    13.10.2016 @ 10:13

    i love to watch You wank one of Your slaves but making him feel no pleasure. he should please You, not himself. As Your slaves, everything of ours belong to You. we should contribute to Your pleasure.

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