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  1. DCDominatrixes
    24.01.2021 @ 16:10

    The Matriach – Ezada Sinn. Thank You f0r acceptance as just another meaningless submissive who believes is just a fan of Your Femdom Superiority as the Beauty that You truly are.

    Reading about Your exploits, thoughts and ideas about Femdom Supremacy is just a fact to me!

  2. Darren Mitchell
    24.01.2021 @ 17:37

    Happy New Year MistressEzada, im sorry please forgive my insolance but i find you soo mouth watering irressistable your like the stars that glitter so high teasing anyone foolish to think they can touch you.for the ones that try to touch younthey end up being my Goddess are beyond such words as youre beautiful but since theirs no other please except me saying to you youre incredibly Stunningly beautiful which you are and if ever you needed a Strong black Submisdive i would Jump at the opprtunitie.And thankyou for your warning abouth those pesky scammers and fake your Slave Darren a black hopeful of one day becoming owned by you MistressEzada Sinn

  3. Miranda Jo
    25.05.2021 @ 16:31

    A clear sign that you’re getting famous! It sucks that there are people taking advantage of their fellows 🙁

  4. anton
    24.07.2021 @ 16:46

    Wish my computer was caucht in control by a lady like you

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