Don’t get scammed

Every day I receive emails from people who were scammed or someone attempted to scam them.

My ONLY official accounts are these ones:

Everything else is not connected with Me in any way.

Anybody can create a profile on dating websites or social media. Even when I report the profiles there will be other created soon. Be responsible and do not send money to random email addresses. All My email addresses are connected to a personal website domain name. or or Everything else is fake!

I wrote blog posts about this issue in past, I publish regularly tweets regarding this problem. My hope that you will use a little google search before falling for a con-man who pretends he is Me.

I finished the rant. Now get closer and worship Me!

This is a list with websites and email addresses I have been told the scammers are using:

KiK MESSANGER account named, MistressEzada; phone number 15168281091 (he is using My photos)

Twitter and Instagram accounts different than the ones listed on allmylinks