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  1. horstie fm
    15.05.2015 @ 21:05

    Enviable boy who has such glory reminiscences of Mistress Ezada. Thanks that he let us share in them. And we get the lesson that it is really hard work to serve satisfactorily our Goddess. Our maximum efforts are needed to please Her. She has the right to demand more and more than we can afford straight, by Her demands She nurtures our capabilities, we must be grateful to Her

  2. Chris
    17.05.2015 @ 18:28

    It would be an honor to carry the Goddess Ezada Sinn .
    purcelus ,you are truly blessed by the Holiness of the Goddess .

  3. hengda yang
    21.05.2015 @ 16:15

    purcelus is my great example. i should learn from him to do everything as Goddess Ezada orders, and to please Her. From him i learned how to be happy in the service of Goddess Ezada. Great love for Goddess Ezada will enable me to do everything for Her.

  4. Ezada
    21.05.2015 @ 17:14

    purcelus was not a great slave from the beginning. I trained him to match My expectations. I believe any male can become a very good slave if he really wants to please his Owner. It’s a question of training.

  5. W.G. Milne
    21.05.2015 @ 21:43

    As you explore through the Fetish World, trying to find some scene that will move you…there are a few exceptional talents, people with acting ability and style you will come across.
    Mistress Ezada Sinn is one of these talents.
    I’ll extend the honorary mentions later. Perhaps in “Weird Sex and Power” (tumblr)

    Thanks Lady, for your talent and style.

    Walker Ballantine

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