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  1. horstie fm
    20.05.2015 @ 21:29

    i fear Your cruelty, but i adore You as You are. Only You decide what we have to suffer. That the truth of our addiction to You.

  2. Chris
    20.05.2015 @ 22:56

    It is always hard and takes a lot of sacrifice and pain to please the true and only Goddess Ezada Sinn .
    Perfect lesson is this story here .

    P.S.: i am pretty sure that the Nectar of the Goddess Ezada is the only liquid in this world that tastes like heaven .

  3. Gordon
    21.05.2015 @ 10:59

    Isnt owning a slave big nuisance which seriously curtails the Owner’s freedom?

  4. Ezada
    21.05.2015 @ 11:29

    Isn’t owning a real animal a big responsibility? But still there are so many dog owners. That’s because the fulfillment of training and taking care of a pet overcomes the responsibility. Also, a human pet can be very useful to the Owner – cleaning, serving, cooking, gardening etc

  5. tomas
    21.05.2015 @ 23:15

    Mistress Ezada rule the world of femdom, so wonderful to obey and learn.

  6. tomas
    21.05.2015 @ 23:39

    about the dog… many times there is very strong connection between the dog and the owner. it can be lifelong learning and development process with much love and respect..
    To be Mistress Ezadas human pet would be something that change the world for me

  7. Andy
    22.05.2015 @ 04:20

    Mistress Ezada is the ultimate . Perfection. I can honestly and happily say that for personal reasons and will forever and always be grateful and give my all. Thank you Mistress Ezada x

  8. Peter
    17.06.2015 @ 23:50

    This story is so powerful and sensational. The fact that this really happened is also scary and fascinating at once. To be in the position of this slave must be the greatest gift that life can offer. So helpless and so owned not knowing what will happen. I`m really looking forward to the next part of this story.

  9. Björn Hallberg
    12.10.2019 @ 19:53

    I wish it was me, there in his possition, sleeping in a cell, eating food, drinking her pee, get a shower from her, pee in a bucket, wounderful story.

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