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  1. horstie fm
    03.02.2015 @ 14:14

    The sculpture show us the essence of our life, worshipping a Goddess

  2. tomas
    05.02.2015 @ 00:33

    Off course Mistress Ezada, that’s the way life is, worshipping a women is always very beautiful.
    I worship You Goddess Ezada Sinn, I belong to You

  3. Chris
    05.02.2015 @ 18:37

    Worship is a word created for the Goddess Ezada Sinn and Her Perfection and Greatness .

  4. ali
    08.02.2015 @ 03:02

    Iwant seeison

  5. ali
    08.02.2015 @ 03:03

    Deirty toilet

  6. frank
    12.02.2015 @ 10:52

    What an interesting picture. WIthout Your comment i would have thought that these are marble statutes, but in fact it´s real people photographed as statutes. i am always amazed to see how much Femdom there has been in art and society over the centuries. It is not at all an invention of the 20th century adult entertainment industry. Not at all. Thank You for Your continuous efforts to teach us those basic principles of human nature.

  7. greatslave1962
    27.02.2015 @ 16:15

    Obviously men are under women. This picture confirms it.

  8. Marc
    21.10.2021 @ 13:51

    Goddess, I have worshipped you for some time. This worthless male being is 74 years old and lives in Australia. I am a pensioner and can offer you nothing but my abject devotion. I say my mantra to you many times a day and am always looking at your face. I paddle and whip myself to you every day. A minimum of 100 maintenance. I ensure that I punish myself if my concentration wavers from you. I kneel before you when I feel you would allow me release and I always have a ruined organ as tribute to you. The pain I suffer daily I give you as tribute and devotion. I worship and adore you Goddess Ezada Sinn.

  9. Marc
    21.10.2021 @ 14:30

    In my previous message, Goddess, I ommited to tell you that I am your subject until I leave this mortal coil. Ruined organs, not organ. It was my phone’s autocorrect. I humbly apologise for not checking before I sent. I have used a belt on my bottom and given me 42 strokes to teach me. Should you require further punishment… Although I am terrified of it, I have bought a 12 inch dildo with which to further debase myself for you. I watch you on the free sites and use what you do to your other subjects as a guide to how to give you tribute. I cannot afford your videos, but that is of no consequence. I worship you, Goddess Ezada Sinn and will always be your subject and slave.
    Should you honour me with a response, I will totally obey.

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