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  1. Kelly
    23.11.2015 @ 21:56

    Love to be a subject and object of such. To serve

  2. Sagar slave
    25.11.2015 @ 11:48

    My Goddess ,beg you to accept me your toilet slave and let me serve your scared and holy feet on line to start with and shall come and be your toilet slave kneeling before your feet all my life to obey your commands and serve you to earn my daily feast of your sacred and holy SHITT(scat).

  3. frank
    27.11.2015 @ 00:40

    What a beautiful idea for a new series Mistress. You are just so inventive. i am sure all Your slaves, devotees and fans will love to read more of this.

    10.06.2016 @ 06:20

    I agree. I am very pleased that you are showing this side of yourself. I am new to your following and it is an additional enticement to see these entries about other unique and impressive dominant females. Please do keep them coming. Your devoted follower—-C

  5. Ezada
    10.06.2016 @ 07:41

    Thank you. I will.

  6. Warrren applegate
    19.07.2018 @ 23:09

    Mistress I live in Wichita Kansas I would be able to travel,two hundred miles forva session

  7. Ezada
    20.07.2018 @ 08:40

    I am not available for meeting with new servants at all.

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