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  1. Chris
    18.02.2015 @ 00:04

    Very nice picture and with emphasis in detail .

  2. Khaled
    19.02.2015 @ 00:08

    Or maybe he is not their landlord and it is not in the 1920s. It could be in the future where they are in the property of the landlady. She might be at work, leading Her career as a CEO while Her husband is being left at the mercy of Her maids. How lowly (and rightfully so) would it be to find himself in his proper place in his Wife’s/Mistress’ house.

  3. greatslave 1962
    23.02.2015 @ 15:20

    I think that nothing changes in sex. Should it be a fantasy of the man? Let be serious, every one accessing this blog has a fantasy about be punished by two women!

  4. tomas
    25.02.2015 @ 00:47

    Yes, I like this drawing…

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