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  1. Chris
    09.12.2014 @ 01:32

    My Goddess ,
    being a devotee of Your Divine Greatness is an honor .It is a gift from You to all of us ,mortals in front of Your Superior Nature ,to be close to You and to serve You .As You have said : ” Serving the Goddess ,the light of Her holiness shines on the servant .Serving the divinity ,the servant himself becomes part of it “.As an Ezadasinnist believer ,a believer of Your Holiness and Divinity ,i bow in front of You .

  2. tomas
    09.12.2014 @ 16:45

    Mistress Ezada Sinn
    I lay at Your feet waiting for you to decide my destiny in life
    Your slave in training, tomas

  3. medor
    12.12.2014 @ 00:21

    Oh yes, it’s that, exactly that : your Médor is trying piteously and humbly to approach his Mistress carrying his leash and colar in his mouth, and his eyes are silently begging to have them put on !

  4. Jose
    12.12.2014 @ 10:14

    Mistress Ezada Sinn

    I´ll be your slave and you´ll can to nail needles in my hard cock, if this is your sadist desire…
    You are a real Goddess and I offer you my cock to torture me.

  5. Hnegda
    05.01.2015 @ 01:45

    DEAR MISTRESS EZADA SINN, You are my only Goddess, You so great, so brilliant, so beautiful, so wonderful, that the only thing i dream of is to be on knees at Your feet, to be tortured and whipped by Your Queen’s feet and Goddess’ whip, i like to be kissed by Your whip, that’s my happiest dream, i wish it come true soon.

  6. Zain
    09.03.2015 @ 17:13

    Mistress ezada is a look like rose i want i live under mistress ezada feet i want i lick mistress ezada ass whose slave lick mistress ezada feet and ass and pussy so thay feel very lucky sla ve because mistress ezada sweep is so yummy juice

  7. Zain
    09.03.2015 @ 17:15

    Mistress ezada quality is.
    So great
    spick and spwan
    nice cute beautiful good looking
    world real queen mistress

  8. Juliane
    06.12.2018 @ 04:25

    It seems you do looking only for male devotees and slaves. thats pity Mistress.
    In deepest adoration slv juli

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