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  1. horstiefm
    22.01.2016 @ 21:46

    You make me happy, Doamna, that You favorite my devotion to You. i keep up working hard to raise Your fame, i’ll continue posting Your photos on my blog – showing the best Female domination ever experienced, showing Your exceptional personality, The Supreme Being in Female Supremacy!

    i stay deeply devoted to You, i just want to please You, i try to obey Your orders whatever You command

  2. easycadman
    23.01.2016 @ 00:43

    mistress i submit to you

  3. easycadman
    23.01.2016 @ 00:44

    i submit to you ezada

  4. Ezada
    23.01.2016 @ 01:18

    Rule 1: don’t ever write My name with minuscule and without a title “Goddess Ezada Sinn” !

  5. MyPainUrJoy
    26.01.2016 @ 23:01

    Superior Goddess Ezada Sinn, You certainly deserve much more devotion than me or any of Your other devotees could ever give, but it feels good to know that the league of Your devotees is growing.
    A beautiful loop of power exchange … by recruiting more devotees, You will gain more power, and the more power You gain, the easier it will be to recruit more devotees!
    i guess soon i will be only one of a hundred … but i wish one day i can say i’m only one of a million of devotees of EzadaSinnism

    Thank You, Goddess, for allowing me to be one of them

  6. Skldev
    29.01.2016 @ 10:51

    Dear goddess Ezada Sinn,
    it would be my great honor for me to dedicate my Twitter profil them….

  7. Jerkboy41
    06.04.2016 @ 15:29

    I’ll submit to you Misstress ezada

  8. @momihun
    23.12.2016 @ 22:11

    I will set my twitter profile correctly, thank you Goddess Ezada Sinn.

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