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  1. Wanker Slave
    20.01.2014 @ 11:46

    I would love to be your dog Goddess.

  2. tim201401
    29.01.2014 @ 04:35

    Dear Mistress Ezada Sinn,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful training tips. You have an amazing website and your training tips, expectations and experiences are wonderful. You truly make me believe in Female Supremacy and wanting to work hard to contribute towards seeing a Female Supremacy Society come true.

    I truly hope one day to be able to serve you in person.

    Best regards,

  3. slave cur
    26.02.2014 @ 19:21

    mistress this pathetic slave dog is kneeling at your superior feet,may the male sluts like us be dogs to superior female goddess like you highness

  4. James
    08.03.2014 @ 23:06

    Who is Lisa Chong?? Also, I was wondering what to wear when runinng in bitter-cold Sweden – How much is sensible to put on??? You (and Lisa Chong) seems to have all the good answers.. therefore I turn to you for some good advice 🙂

  5. Rob
    22.04.2014 @ 15:49

    i wud love to be your personal slave,

  6. xavier
    24.10.2014 @ 21:03

    Are you taking any more dogs for training??

  7. Daniel
    04.02.2015 @ 09:39

    We’re can I get trained to be a slave

  8. Tamira
    27.02.2015 @ 21:08

    please my honey I want to be under your feet &lick your feet,,

  9. Tamira
    02.03.2015 @ 22:44

    love you,,,

  10. Ezada
    03.03.2015 @ 04:53

    Training lesson one – Don’t call a Domina “honey”, “babe”, “love” etc. We really don’t like it. Show respect by using “Madame”, “Mistress”, “Doamna” or at least “Miss”.

  11. elymmo
    28.03.2015 @ 01:26

    Miss Ezada,
    you are my goddess and I love being dominated amd humiliated by
    you mistress so plz reply me insult me anything cz I love to feel your
    Feet and worship them..
    your slave for ever

  12. reborn
    09.04.2015 @ 00:39

    What should i do to be your slave miss

  13. jana
    13.04.2015 @ 13:32

    Respected and honourable mistress, please give me a chance to become your toilet slave.. please please I will pay you 80-90 dollars daily for being your toilet slave

  14. Mark
    26.04.2015 @ 06:49

    You seem to have quite a following, but I’ll pass. 🙂

  15. kemira
    18.06.2015 @ 19:08

    I want to become your personal slave mistress

  16. kemira
    18.06.2015 @ 19:09

    Can i pls meet you mistress

  17. alex
    18.06.2015 @ 20:25

    please mis

  18. Ezada
    19.06.2015 @ 10:51

    I chose My personal slaves from My clients. Right now I am not looking for a new collared slave. you can meet Me for professional sessions in Germany, Dusseldorf area. Contact Me using the form on My website.

  19. jamivkv
    25.06.2015 @ 18:46

    I am a masochist male like to receive caning from dominant ladies and interested in high heels licking. Are you offering this service if yes please give me the details

  20. Aung
    04.08.2015 @ 10:13

    Mistress, I would like to be your slave.

  21. roz
    08.08.2015 @ 21:58

    Respected madam,
    I am thirsting for your words. i want to be yours for
    Ever.Ill do anythin for you.please mistress.

  22. kelly bulanek
    13.08.2015 @ 21:54

    I am your favorite girl If you want to be my mistress that will be okay if you understand love Kelly Bulanek. p.s. I want to be an submissive in your desire love Kelly Bulanek.

  23. Ezada
    13.08.2015 @ 22:00

    I think you are a male. A stupid one.

  24. virat
    24.08.2015 @ 10:18

    mistress please let me be your slave
    I will do things as you say

  25. Pete
    30.12.2015 @ 12:06

    I am quite amazed by some of the above comments. It’s no wonder why the Female of our species are the Superior ones.

  26. Rob Allen
    25.05.2016 @ 16:27

    Let me taste that juice Mesohungry pussy slave

  27. Ann Foxgold
    18.06.2017 @ 04:42

    I recently asked for a daddy. I got a guy that agreed, but he wants me to be his mummy, more than I want pain and sex. He’s full into pain and humiliation. Whereas I although will accept and enjoy giving him pain, will give me pleasure in not having to accept sex. I want to be spanked when I’m naughty. I can’t help feeling that I’m being used. My passion hasn’t come into it. I’m thirty years his senior. I have my own issues. He doesn’t want to understand that. He found out I have four adult kids. He demands to meet them. I’d kill someone before letting them get hurt. Including him. Am I nuts, or do I let my sadistic violent nature to the fore, and make him wish he’d never met me. Even coppers are afraid of my temper.

  28. Ezada
    18.06.2017 @ 04:56

    I don’t understand your comment. If your relationship doesn’t satisfy your needs just find another another person to share your life with.

  29. Babloo john
    27.10.2020 @ 17:44

    Godess, I am male but struggling with double thoughts. I see lot of femdom stuffs, especially your artucles really turn me on to be dog to girls but same time I am thinking that male should not be like that.
    But can’t control my desire to be a naked girlish slave dog for females.
    Pls advise if this thought is the true nature of me, should i just become a girlish naked slave dog for girls? Confused.

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