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  1. Ketil
    04.06.2014 @ 22:34

    DOAMNA !
    Great photo, its really whats its about(a beginning of a journing, and hopefully a real and sweet and lovely beginning of a journing……. areal journing
    You are great DOAMNA how can I serve you ?



  2. tomas
    05.06.2014 @ 07:34

    Mistress Ezada, it’s a good dream for a new slave

  3. s(k)lave alfredo
    09.06.2014 @ 15:58

    Unbelievable MISTRESS EZADA SINN,

    i never saw such a perfect dominant LADY like YOU, in stylish uniform, high boots, gloves, long black hair, beautiful face, training and torturing HER slave cruely.
    And than the cell, steel from the bottom to the top. No possibility to escape.
    May i have a question, please? YOU really keep YOUR slaves in this cell for hours or for days like an inhuman prisonerchip? YOUR slaves have no rights, they are not allowed to leave, only for YOUR next punishment or exercition?
    And YOU really enjoy to feel YOUR power over YOUR worthless objects?

    For us useless slaves YOU are THE GODDESS!!!

    I lick the bottom of YOUR boots

    slave alfredo

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